About The Cataract Cure

This book highlights the Russian breakthrough for the treatment and prevention of senile cataract using an eye-drop. It is the story of N-acetylcarnosine, and Dr. Kyriazis book contains details of how it should be used to achieve the best results, what to look out for and case studies. A number of aging eye disorders are mentioned (i.e., glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eye syndrome) and how they can be eased. This is the first book to attempt to bring to the fore the various international breakthroughs for the alleviation of eye aging.

About The Author

Dr. Kyriazis MD, is one of the few anti-aging physicians in the UK. He has a postgraduate qualification in Gerontology from the King's College, University of London, as well as a postgraduate qualification in Geriatric Medicine, granted by the Royal College of Physicians. He has written extensively on longevity, healthy human aging and anti-aging matters both for scientists and the general public. He is the founder of the British Longevity Society. He is also an expert on Carnosine, and his book: Carnosine And Other Elixirs Of Youth is one of his many publications.

Professional Review

"The Cataract Cure" describes clearly and succinctly, in a step-by-step way the innovative treatment now available for reversing senile cataract. With its practical approach, it demystifies the subject and is an invaluable reference guide to all eyecare practitioners requiring an introduction to surgical treatment alternatives."

Dr. Robert Montague
Opthamologist Dr. Montague has been a practicing ophthalmologist since 1976.

Customer Review

After reading this book and speaking to my eye-care specialist I embarked on a program of n-acetylcarnosine eye-drops. Six weeks on, I have already noticed a significant difference in my overall eye sight. My vision is much clearer, the glare I used to suffer at night whilst driving has almost disappeared. I would recommend ANYONE who is suffering with senile cataracts to read this book and investigate these eye-drops, it could stop your need for surgery!

David Lehavre, Illinois


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